date someone who makes you feel like Everytime We Touch by Cascada on the inside 

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just a reminder she still in hell cutting frogs rip in peace

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Summertime living’s easy

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Concept art for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty by Eyvind Earle

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Get in my belly!

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Senshi Study Sesh!

This was the piece I submitted to the Meatball Head Sailor Moon art show in LA at Meltdown Comics! The show was this past weekend and was curated by the wonderful Nico Colaleo, who had a bunch of amazing artists in the industry contribute to the show! I heard that it was a blast, and wish I could have been able to make it.

So many thanks to my friends Gyimah, Ben and Scott for helping me out! I have much to learn, but was eager to try something new with environment, perspective, and colours. The colours have been tweaked since, but otherwise the drawing is the same :)

I’ll post some close ups later! Enjoy!

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Gummy, toothy, rubbery, powdery balloon-head

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Floral portraits by Olaf Hajek.

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Behold, the process of hand-pollination of the Corpse Flower as seen through the lens of a tiny borescope! (And ha, you thought the Amorphophallus titanum updates were over.)

On Sunday morning, after the big bloom had peaked sometime in the middle of the night, a team of botanists lowered a teensy camera into the the closing burgundy folds to get a close-up view of the itsy bitsy flowers sitting deep inside the ginormous inflorescence (see top pic: male flowers are the white cauliflowerish ones on top, female flowers are the longer purplish ones below), cut a hole in the plant (see 2nd row of pics, knife looks like a shark fin), and then used a little paintbrush to apply pollen from another Corpse Flower to the female flowers. The pollen was from a recent bloom at Orange Coast College. Now, in the wild, these things are pollinated by insects that don’t need to use borescopes to carry out their business, which most likely means that none of those insects have awesome borescope images to post on tumblr. Take that, insects.

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when ur parents call u for dinner and u see they made your fav


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